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Lamb Curry cut



Lamb Curry cut

Velvet textured, juicy and tender meat from the best cuts of lamb – the shoulder and neck are expertly cut and trimmed for our lambcurry cut. Bursting with heavenly flavors and with fall-off-the-bone succulence, our lamb curry cut takes you on a gastronomic adventure

No of Pieces: 14-16 pieces of Lamb cut each appx 35-40 gm

Ideal for: Kerala lamb curry, Lamb vindaloo, Lamb Rogan josh, Lamb stew

Freshness Indicator: The meat should be moist, bright redin color and cold to touch. When you press the meat with your finger, it should spring back quickly.

Weight : 480 – 500gms

Serves : 4

Pieces : 18 to 20

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